EcoPillar EV Charger
HYSUN EcoPillar EV Charger
HYSUN EcoPillar EV Charger 7KW/11KW/22KW
HYSUN EcoPillar EV Charger
HYSUN EcoPillar EV Charger


EcoPillar EV Charger 7KW,11KW,22KW, Single Socket, Intergrated Garden light , Ideal for Public or Private use

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● 10W head light with Sensor
● Come with Bluetooth,Wi-Fi,Ethernet;
● Support the expansion of a 4G Module;
● Support OCPP 1.6 protocal;
● Built-in Circuit Breaker and Leakage Protection Switch;
● Dynamic Load Balance and External MID Meters optional
● IP65 and IK10

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1. Durable Design:
Crafted from extruded aluminum, EcoPillar boasts a robust and long-lasting body for
extended durability.
2. Stylish and Contemporary:
With a sleek and modern appearance, EcoPillar seamlessly blends style with
3. Accessible Servicing:
Featuring a large cable termination area, EcoPillar ensures easy access for servicing
and maintenance, simplifying upkeep.
4. Safety Illumination:
The high-quality lighting head not only adds a touch of safety but also illuminates
the surrounding area for enhanced security.
5. Maximized Power Capacity:
Intelligent software optimally distributes the charge to each vehicle, maximizing
power capacity for efficient charging.
6. Flexible Charging Methods:
Enjoy versatile charging with options like plug & charge, mobile app control, or RFID
for user-friendly and adaptable usage.
7. Multiple Connectivity Options:
Stay connected with integrated Ethernet, WiFi, or 4G connectivity, providing multiple
internet connection methods for added convenience.
8. OCPP Compliance:
EcoPillar is OCPP 1.6 compliant, seamlessly integrating with any back-office system
and allowing compatibility with OCPP compliant EV software providers.
9. Over-the-Air Updates:
Stay up-to-date effortlessly with over-the-air firmware/software updates, ensuring
continuous improvement and compatibility