Hysun Level 2 3.5KW 7KW 9KWPortable EV Charger  with J1772 Charging Plug
Hysun Level 2 3.5KW 7KW Portable EV Charger with J1772 Charging Plug


Hysun Level 2 3.5KW 7KW 9KWPortable EV Charger with J1772 Charging Plug

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Adjustable Current 8A/10A/13A/16A/32A
Plug & Play Connector
NEMA 6-20; NEMA 14-50; Customized plug Upon Request
Customized package, handbag, Laser-printed logo,Upon Request
3 Years Warranty

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Compatible with All EVs: HYSUN Portable EV Charger is compatible to all SAE J1772 Standard Electric Vehicles and Tesla Models(Via Tesla Charing Adapter).
Saving Charging Time: 240V Level 2 EV charger saves you 3X~6X the time compared to your 110V Level 1 original EV charger. Your electric vehicle can travel 11~23 miles per hour of charging.
User-friendly Setting: With adjustable current settings (8/10/13/16/32A), you can choose charge power whatever you want. And the LCD display and LED indicator allow you to know the charging status as well.
Easy Storage & Hassle-Free Travel: NEMA power plug is easy to use without installation. Durable 16ft charging cable can meet your needs in driveways, garages , indoors or outdoors. The handbag is easy store and you can charge your car anytime anywhere you need.
Reliability Quality: The Charging Station is rugged and robust, equipped with Over current protection; Ground protection ; Surge protection;Over/Under voltage protection ; Over temp protection; Leakage protection.

Unique Design

Special Self-Cleaning Design;
Ergonomic and Integrated Design;
Better Conductivity Design;

Plug Option

Different NEMA Plug options meets customer different requirments
(Other type of Plugs are upon request).

TPE Charging Cable

The halogen-free charging Cable is made of high-quality pure copper core with TPE Cable Jacket.

Excellent Cable Materials

Stable Charging;
High Resistance to the Cold & Heat;
High Resistance to Bending;

Waterproof Charger 

The Control box is IP 65 and SAE J1772 Type 1 Plug is IP54.

1.8" LCD Display Charging Status

Easy operation to adjust the Current and Set the time.