HYSUN 3.6KW/5.6KW Off-Grid Pure Sine wave Solar Inverter Parallel Available


HYSUN 3.6KW/5.6KW Off-Grid Pure Sine wave Solar Inverter Parallel Available

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● Solar Inverter/Solar Charger/Battery Charger /AC Charger;
● LCD display for fast setting;
● Cold Start Function;
● Built-in dust filter kit for harsh environments;
● Parallel function available upto 9 Units ;

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1, Multi-function inverter/charger:
a), Can power devices using AC power, solar power, or battery power
b), Compact and portable design for easy transport and setup

2, User-friendly LCD display:
a), Displays important information such as battery charging current, charger priority, and input voltage
b), Easy-to-use buttons for configuration
c), Personalized LED ring with RGB light effect display for visual feedback

3, Remote monitoring:
a), Built-in Wi-Fi module allows for remote monitoring via mobile app
b), Monitor power usage and status from anywhere

4, Efficient technology:
a), DPS digital control technology and double conversion online design for high efficiency
b), Input PFC technology and high-efficiency inverter topology for maximum output efficiency
c), Input power up to 0.99 for maximum power output

5, Battery optimization:
a), Battery balancing function to optimize battery performance and energy storage
b), Higher efficiency for energy storage to save power and extend battery life

6, Expandable system:
a), Can be used in parallel with up to 9 units for maximum economic benefits
b), Scalable system for future expansion