Basic Information Product Code:


Power Supply: 1 Phase 16A;
 1 Phase 32A; 
 3 Phase 16A; 
3 Phase 32A.
Input Voltage: 250V; 250V; 480V; 480V
Rated Power: 3.5KW; 7.0KW; 11KW; 22KW
Cable Length: 5M/16ft/Customized
Product Specification Charging Type: Level 2
Charging Plug: Mode 3
Power Plug: Type 2 Car Side (Female)- Type 2 Charging Station Side (Male)
Charging Cable: 3x2.5MM²+2x0.5MM²(1P16A);
OD(mm): 10.5±0.4 (1P16A);
13.5±0.4 (1P32A);
13.5±0.4 (3P16A);
16.5±0.4 (3P32A).
Working Environment Insulation Resistance: > 100M ohm (DC500V)
Terminal Temp. Rise: <50K
Withstand Voltage: 2000V
Contact Resistance: ≤0.05 MΩ
Coupled Insertion Force: >45N <80N
Impact Force: 1m drop or 2 Ton vehicle run over pressure
Working Temp.: Minus 30 degree to 50Degree
Humidity: 0~95% Non-Condensing
IP Rate: IP 54
Material Performance Shell: Thermoplastic; Flame Retardant Grade UL94V-0
Charging Plug Pin: Pure Copper Silver Plated
Charging Cable: Halogen Free, Pure Copper Core
with TPU Cable Jacket
Mechanical Life: >10,000 Times
Dimension & Package Inner Box:

L14.2" * W13" * H3.94"
(36cm x 33cm x10cm)

Net Weight: 2~3.5kgs
Qty./Box: 1 piece
Outer Carton:

L20.87" * W15.35" * H14.17"
(53cm x 39cm x 36cm)

Net Weight: 3~5kgs
Qty./Box: 5 piece