Q1, Will it Charge a Tesla Model 3?
A1, Yes, it will charge a Tesla Model 3, and you just need a Tesla Adaptor.

Q2, How long is the Charging Cable?
A2, The standard length is 5Meter, But your also can customize the length.

Q3, Does this charger come with a handbag?
A3, Our standard package is not including the handbag, the extra cost for handbag is $5.

Q4, What is the IP rate of this portable EV Charger?
A4, The Control box is IP65 and the Type 1/ Type 2 Charger is IP54.

Q5, Can the current be adjusted on the device itself with a button?
A5, Yes, you can adjust the current by pushing a button. 8amps at 1.9kw, 10amps at 2.4kw, 13amps at 3.0kw, 16amps at 3.5kw and 32amps at 7.4kw.

Q6, How fast does it Charge?
A6, It depends on your vehicle battery capacity, which is measured in the kilowatt-hours of energy it can hold. For example, It will takes around 7 hours to Charge Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus by HY70P-T1, but it will takes around 10 hours to Charge Tesla Model Y Performance by HY70P-T1.

Q7, Can I customize my brand on the product and package?
A7, Yes, We can laser your brand on the charger and control box and We also can customize your package. The mini order for this service is 100pcs.

Q8, How about the delivery time?
A8, For samples, we normally can send within 3 days, and for quantity order, we normally can send within 2-3 weeks.

Q9, Do you provide free sample to test?
A9, For the first sample order, Customer has to pay the sample and shipping cost. But We can refund the sample cost in future quantity order.

Q10, How long are you aging for your portable EV Chargers?
A10, All chargers will age more than 4 hours before shipping to make sure all products delivery to our customers will be working properly.

Q11, What are your warranty terms?
A11, We provide 2 years warranty for our portable EV Chargers. During the warranty period, we will provide technical support with quality analysis report and replace the new parts in free.