Wallbox EV Charger 11KW,22KW
Wallbox EV Charger 11KW,22KW
Wallbox EV Charger Specification
Wallbox EV Charger Communication Interface
Wallbox EV Charger
Compatibal with IEC 62196-2 Electric Vehicle
Hysun 11KW 22KW Wallbox EV home Chargers with Type 2 Connector


Hysun 11KW 22KW Wallbox EV home Chargers with Type 2 Connector

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● Adjustable Current 8A/10A/13A/16A/32A
● 2.8‘’LCD Display Charging Status
● Smart EV Charger with APP Control
● RFID Card included to prevent unauthorized use
● CEE 5-PIN Plug;Hardwire;Customized;
● 3 Years Warranty

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Compatible with All EVs: HYSUN Wallbox EV Charger is compatible to all IEC 62196-2 Standard Electric Vehicles and Tesla Models(Via IEC 62196-2 Charing Adapter).
User-friendly Setting: Equipped with a large LCD Screen, Showing the Charging Status such as Charging power, Charging Current and Charging time. With adjustable current settings (8/10/13/16/32A), you can choose charge power whatever you want.
Smart EV Charger: Manage your charging easily, intelligently, and insightfully. The advanced HYSUN Charge mobile app allows you to track, manage, schedule, and optimize smart EV charging at anytime.
Efficient Communication: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connectivity options ensure seamless connectivity and communication with your mobile device. The optional start and stop RFID card functionality can prevent unauthorized use.
Reliability Quality: The Charging Station is rugged and robust, equipped with Over current protection; Ground protection; Surge protection;Over/Under voltage protection; Over temp protection; Leakage protection.

TPU Charging Cable

The halogen-free charging Cable is made of high-quality pure copper core with TPU Cable Jacket.

Excellent Cable Materials

Stable Charging;
High Resistance to the Cold & Heat;
High Resistance to Bending;

Waterproof Charger 

The Control box and IEC 62196-2 Type 2 Charger are both IP54.

Plug Option

Different CEE Plug options meets customer different requirments.
Hardwired Cable is upon Request.

 2.8'' LCD Color Screen Display

Charging Status are clarity display for fast examining.

Mobile APP Control

View Charging Records; Select Charging Schedule; Set Charging Current;

Unique Design

Special Self-Cleaning Design: The Impurities on the surface of the pins can be cleared during every plug-in process.
Ergonomic and Integrated Design: In line with the habit of manual force which allows for free plugging & unplugging.
Better Conductivity Design: Silver plating on the pins ensures greater conductivity, charging efficiency and reduces heat generation.

Safety Protection

Over current protection ; Residual current protection;
Ground protection ; Surge protection;
Over/Under voltage protection ;
Over/Under frequency protection;
Over temp protection;
Leakage protection Type A (AC 30mA)